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Debra May

Con/P EMDR; MA Play Therapy, RPth, RPthS, Dip SW, LLAM 

Debra has over twenty years’ experience of working with teenagers and children, providing a range of assessment and therapeutic services through the use of play and drama. She specialises in working with children & adolescents individually, as well as with their parents/carers where there are attachment issues complicated by previous traumatic experiences. She runs a busy private practice and provides training workshops for therapists.  


Debra is an expert at helping teenagers feel safe enough to work through their fears and worries, rather than ‘bottling them up’. Her expertise is based on an uncomplicated approach which allows her to work at the teenager’s pace – and using talking or other creative means to communicate their difficulties, helping teenagers improve their self-esteem, self-efficacy and problem-solving skills. 

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