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For your Initial Session

When you book your initial session please fill out this brief First Session Data Form

For Cancellations or Waitlisting

Please use this Cancellations & Wait list Form to cancel or be waitlisted

Other general messages,

please contact us here with your enquiry:

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Location of meetings:

Meetings will be in the discrete meeting room, 807 on the 8th floor of Weil, 110 Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1AY

You are also welcome to message us individually:

Jennifer Opoku-Lageyre
Etel Behmuaras
MILES (Custom).jpg
Miles Pulver

+44 7811 391 112

Sanja Oakley

+44 7476 637 744

Victoria Garland

Location of meetings:

Currently meetings are on-line. Once we are back in your offices meetings will be in a suitable discrete meeting room.

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