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What are the core foundation stones formy mental wellbeing and emotional health?

Lexwell specialises in helping you be “the best You, you can be” by enhancing fundamental skills to optimise your mental and emotional wellbeing.

These include:

Healthy coping strategies

Moving beyond coping styles such as avoidance, intellectual distancing, blame or self-sabotaging strategies, which don’t actually deal with the underlying problem. We can help you let go of old, outdated survival skills and develop new healthy ways of dealing with problems.

Anxiety regulation

When coping strategies break down you can get flooded with anxiety. Learning how to address underlying causes effectively can dissipate high anxiety levels.

Effective emotional processing

The ability to address and transform negative feelings and thoughts by growing healthy new ways to move through current painful emotions.

Accessing inner resources

Learning how to reach ‘inside’ and activate helpful internal capacities. Allowing you to deal with your own emotional experience with care and confidence, rather than fear.

Secure relationships

We are mammals who are wired to connect. Without secure connections you can feel unsafe or have to resort to isolated self-reliance. Building your relational skills is key to mental wellbeing.

Supportive ‘self states’

What’s your sense of self? Are you internally supportive and self-valuing, while still encouraging yourself to develop and grow? Or do you have a convincing and harsh inner critic, bully or judge telling you that you are a fake, fraud or an impostor?

Deactivating old trigger points

You can find yourself ‘triggered’ when an old learning, hurt or fear gets reactivated by a similar present day event. This can make you feel emotionally hijacked, without really knowing why. It leads to feelings which seem disproportionate to the current issue. It is possible to dissolve these trigger points so they are no longer activated in the same way.

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