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Why is my emotional wellbeing

relevant at work?

Apart from the fact that your emotional health is fundamental to your general sense of wellbeing, there is also a very clear ‘business case’ for enhancing your emotional health. And that’s because of the neuro-architecture of your brain.


Put simply, the cognitive (thinking) parts of your brain sit on, depend on and are coloured by the emotional centres of your brain. This means that if your emotional brain centres (brainstem and limbic brain) are disrupted by stress, fear, or other disturbing emotional activations, then … the effects of that disturbance filter upwards in your brain, undermining good cognitive functioning (in the higher, cortical, brain centres). And, of course, all these stressors are very common in high pressure work environments.


On the other hand, when your emotional brain centres are settled and safe, that’s when you can perform in flow - thinking is clearer and broad, creativity comes on-line, relationships are easier and you’ll cope with adversity better. The message from neuroscience is clear: mental wellbeing and emotional health enable optimal brain performance. We are just built that way. 


But the challenge is - how to access these wellbeing brain states even in demanding environments? Lexwell aims to help you learn to be centred in your “wellbeing brain”, rather than your “fear brain”.


This video shows how profound the effect of this ‘state dependent functioning’ is. (The video describes this initially in relation to childhood trauma. But the principle is the same in adults and across our life cycle.)

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