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‘I’m not feeling so good’

We all have ups and downs in how we feel. Often you can effectively deal with the downs by talking to friends and family, reading books, exercising, etc. But sometimes the downs are persistent, and too intense to handle yourself. People around you get worried but don’t know how to help. They try their best but offer old advice, which isn’t cutting it. You feel alone, ashamed and try to cover it up.


At this point engaging with a professional to help you work confidentially on your feelings, thoughts, beliefs or even behaviors, could be very beneficial.


Here are some common problems you may want to seek help with:

  • Finding stress and pressure corrosive


  • Not feeling as resilient as you’d like, and feeling overly sensitive


  • Just not feeling ‘quite right’


  • Feeling like a fraud or impostor


  • Feeling your confidence is low and insecure


  • Being slowed down by perfectionism or procrastination


  • Feeling undermined by fear, anxiety or doubt


  • Frequently low mood or perhaps even depressed


  • Feeling affected by a relationship problem


  • Going around and around in circles


  • Not being able to let go of something or someone


  • Feeling stuck, helpless and powerless


  • Quick to get angry or irritable


  • Feeling overwhelmed.

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