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‘I want more for myself’

Working in an elite environment comes with many rewards, but is also inherently demanding. We often think of our work as ‘beyond coaching’ – our aim is to help you enhance your psychological wellbeing and functioning at a structural level.


For example, come and talk to us if:


  • You are concerned about aspects of your role, your work performance, work relationships, confidence, career progression or direction. Anything that can’t be solved with skill building.


  • Perhaps you want to develop even more in your role. Maybe you want to optimise certain ‘soft’ skills to further your leadership potential e.g. increasing self awareness, enhancing empathy, relationship and networking capacities, and regulating unhelpful emotions.


  • You want to address a potential derailer which you realise might get in the way of you being the best leader you could be.


  • Some of the obstacles you encounter at work make you think you may have some underlying personal issues, which would be helpful to address in private. 


  • You’ve had some helpful performance or executive coaching, but you realise there is also a layer of personal work that you feel ready to address. 


  • You want a space to think through your work pressures, team dynamics or relationship challenges with colleagues.

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