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Is it confidential?

Yes. Your identity, your utilisation of this service and the content of your sessions are all entirely confidential between you and your psychotherapist. None of this is shared with your employer.


In compliance with GDPR, all case notes and other data (including name, address, email, phone, job position) will be stored on password-protected systems. No person in your employer or outside of Lexwell (or its duly authorised agents) will be authorised to have access.


Paper records taken during or after sessions will either be transferred to digital systems with the paper record then being securely destroyed or, if kept in paper format, will be securely stored in appropriate locked cabinets. Data will be retained for up to six years from the end of therapy and then securely destroyed or deleted.


The only exceptions to the above privacy rule would be if you or someone else was in immediate danger, we were subject to a court order compelling disclosure, or to share information with another health professional as part of a referral procedure you have requested.


During the provision of the workplace therapy service, Lexwell will be reporting on service usage to your employer. This is purely to help your employer accurately assess the service. In this reporting process, as in every other matter, individual confidentiality is paramount to Lexwell and your employer. The only statistics contained in these reports will be: service utilisation rates, cancellation rates, broad categories of staff using the service, and generalised themes arising from sessions. This data will be compiled from our records, entirely anonymous, and any potentially identifying data will not be shared.


Lexwell therapists follow ethical guidelines of their registering bodies (UKCP and British Psychoanalytic Council ).

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