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What other resources do I have for my mental wellbeing?

In addition to Lexwell, your employer provides a suite of other healthcare services (at no cost to you). Please also avail yourself of these services:


For GP services or referral to psychiatrist - Blossoms Healthcare
Phone: 0207 489 1136


For off-site counselling & psychotherapy (or psychiatric referrals), through AXA - Stronger Minds

Phone: 0800 302 9087


For your employer's Employee Assistance Programme, providing 24/7 telephone advice line and also access to counselling if required -


Phone: 0800 169 1920


For internal HR or Professional Development support  - contact your employer's HR & PD teams.


Also, at the end of our work together with you at your employer, we can refer you on for further private psychotherapy if you would like.

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