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A roadmap to ‘Processing’

If you would like us to proactively process with you then those sessions will usually entail some, or all of the following:


Because we will be working collaboratively together, our relationship will be key. We want you to feel safe and help you to become curious to explore what might be going on for you.


We will work together to find specific instances and examples of what you want to work on. If we find an example to work on, we’ll get much further than if we keep it abstract and intellectual.

Careful Activation:

Once we have a target, together we’ll safely notice the automatic activation level that it causes in your system. If the activation level feels a bit much, we have various tools and techniques to bring it back down to a more comfortable level. But we do need a bit of activation to get the ball rolling.

Tracking and Sequencing:

Together we will carefully track what happens to your feelings and thoughts as we work through the activation. You may find a wave of feeling passes through you, and that your mind navigates through the situation surprisingly quickly when supported by us. If your brain does go around in circles, we can help you access new resources and capacities. The precise form of tracking and sequencing will depend on the particular therapeutic approach we use.

Rewiring and Overwriting:

We work with you to embed the new experience so that, together, we can rewire and overwrite the old, unhelpful neural pathways. 

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